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It all started when...

Lee Norris is our founder and grew up in Mentone Indiana during the depression era. This was a rural farming community where you learned the importance of being self-sufficient through hard work and commitment. In 1965 Lee Norris transitioned from full-time farming to starting a business called Lee E Norris Construction and Grain Company Inc. This business was dedicated to buying, selling, drying, and storing grain. In addition to that Lee also was a Belen dealer, in which he constructed many bins, elevator legs, buildings, and drying systems in Northern, Indiana.

In 1970 Lee and two other gentleman, Mike Buffington and Don Wilson, formed a partnership in which Beltomatic conveyor dryers were developed. The company name was B.N.W. Industries. Several patents for Beltomatic were issued in the following years.  By 1972 Lee Norris bought out Buffington and Wilson to become to sole owner and President of B.N.W. Industries. Over the years several patents for Beltomatic were applied for and issued.

In 1973 Lee’s oldest son, Dan Norris, went to work at B.N.W. Industries and eventually became Vice-President, in charge of manufacturing. Aaron Norris, started in 1993 as Sales Manager after graduating from Taylor University.

Through the mid 90’ they realized that new product lines were needed if continued growth was to occur. In seeking this goal they came across a new product called Spirajoule. This uniquely designed electrically heated screw conveyor is made by a company in France named ETIA. After meeting with their President, Olivier Lepez, in 2001 B.N.W. Industries became exclusive North American distributor for all ETIA’s products. Soon ETIA developed the patent processeses called Safesteril and Biogreen.

In 2012 realizing the need for a business model that affectively represents the company we had become we decided to reorganize under a new name, Norris Industries. Norris Thermal Technologies Inc. became the sales entity and Norris Manufacturing Inc. became the fabrication/production entity. At this time Aaron Norris became President and Dan Norris became Vice-President.

Dan’s oldest son Daron “Chuck” Norris serves as project manager for all Safesteril and Biogreen Processes. Connie Hunsberger is Lee’s oldest daughter and serves as purchasing and shipping manager. Aaron’s wife, Nicole Norris, serves as corporate secretary and accounts payable. In the summer of 2016 Daron’s oldest son, Dawson Norris, worked at NTT, this represented the fourth generation of Norris to work in the business.